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Camp Dennison



Symmes Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Case 2020-2 ... Continued from Page 1.

Speaking against the proposed expansion building were several residents of Camp Dennison and the adjacent community directly across the Little Miami River. Several of the people giving testimony stated that they objected to the high noise levels and the nighttime / weekend hours of operation. The Indian Hill Shooting Range Manager replied that there no noise or hours of operation restricting in the State of Ohio, a fact that was questioned by the board.

Another resident pointed out that the shooting range, which was stated to have been in operation since the civil war, is situated directly over the Indian Hill Drinking water aquifer. It was further pointed out that the shooting range is situated just a few feet above the aquifer and within yards of the Indian Hill Water Works well fields. The question was raised about what steps the shooting range had in place to remove the lead contamination and to assure the lead contamination did not end up in the drinking water.

BZA 2020-02 Staff Report (pdf)

BZA 2020-02 Appeal (pdf)

Posted by Robert H. March 12, 2020