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Camp Dennison during the Civil War ...

Submitted by Dave S. / March 5, 2018


Camp Dennison was a Union Army training camp during the American Civil War. It was located in the town of Germany, Ohio, seventeen miles north of Cincinnati. George McClellan, a general in the Ohio militia, chose Germany as the site for a camp. The camp was named for Ohio Governor William Dennison. Camp Dennison was strategically located near Cincinnati, the Ohio and Little Miami Rivers, and the Little Miami Railroad. The rivers and railroad provided quick transportation from various parts of Ohio and surrounding states. The presence of troops at Camp Dennison also provided Cincinnati with soldiers to protect this important manufacturing city from Confederate attack. Camp Dennison encompassed more than five hundred acres of land.

The task of laying out the camp fell to Colonel William Rosecrans. Construction of barracks began in 1861. The barracks provided homes for the more than fifty thousand men who passed through the camp during the Civil War. They were located to the south of the Little Miami Railroad. In 1862, military officials established a hospital on the northern edge of the camp, just to the north of the railroad. It eventually held more than 2,300 sick or injured soldiers.     Read More ...


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speed monitor 93

Recorded Speed / Camp Dennison / April 2018


Submitted by "Residents" / May 14, 2018


During the last week of April 2018 a pole mounted speed monitoring device was installed to record truck and automobile speed. This device was located on State Rt 126 just north of the intersection of Cunningham Road. The speed limit sign located far to the north of this measuring unit is 35mph. The speed measuring unit was set to flag a violation at the speed limit of 35mph plus 5mph.


Highlight of the Traffic Speed Study ...

<>  During the study, 20,991 heavy trucks and automobiles were recorded at the above mentioned intersection with 18,175 exceeding the Tolerated speed limit of 40mph (posted speed: 35mph + 5mph tolerance)

<>  Highest Recorded Speeds ...

April 18, 2018.....59 mph
April 19, 2018.....70 mph
April 20, 2018.....65 mph
April 21, 2018.....71 mph
April 22, 2018.....93 mph
April 23, 2018.....66 mph
April 24, 2018.....70 mph
April 25, 2018.....67 mph
April 26, 2018.....68 mph

<>  For the Year 2017, Trustees Leis, Bryant and Beck paid Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil $1,000,000 assure public safety in Symmes Township ... Including Camp Dennison

<>  The Monthly Incident Report presented to Township Trustees by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department indicated that NO CITATIONS were issued in Camp Dennison during the month of April 2018

<>  We have been overwhelmed with comments, both from Camp Dennison and other neighborhoods of Symmes on this report and will get them posted as soon as possible. Most people commented on the fact that this problem is a severe safety problem that can only lead to erosion of property values in Camp Dennison community. Many also voiced their displeasure of the fact the trustees made the safety levy a "PERMANENT LEVY", effectively cutting off any resident oversight on safety issues.

<>  Click Here to review data and citizen's comments



1. I do not live on St Rt 126 ... why should I care?

1A. Viewer comments + a little research answered this question. It seems that drug, home invasion and burglary criminals are constantly looking for neighborhoods that are not patrolled.  When casing a neighborhood, the fact that traffic overwhelmingly ignores the posted speed limit is a pretty good indication that there are no patrols visiting the area.


2. How did this problem develop?

2A. Again I will refer to viewer comments. Overwhelmingly the viewers say we have "lost our voice". When the trustees made the Safety levy a PERMANENT LEVY, the citizens were completely removed from having any say in spending their tax money. The data seem to indicate the process has become political with selected neighborhoods being patrolled much more often than others.


3. Won't this lower property values in the area?

3A. The realtors say yes, but it is a slow process. There are so few sales in Camp Dennison, the data is very difficult to track. But it is pretty certain a prospective home buyer visiting the area will become aware of the problem (after all the daily speeds on Rt 126 approach 60 mph) and look elsewhere. Some viewers suggested that an number of rentals is also an indication of this transformation.


4. I am NOT OK with the current traffic situation ... what can I do?

4A. Fill out the contact form below! ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEEP CONFIDENTIAL. Please include your name, online name if you like and email address so we may contact you with on-going information regarding this problem. Also send a comment telling your views on this issue.





Submitted by "Symmes Twp" / May 14, 2018